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Idols of the Heart

It’s idolatry when we desire something more than God. Even a good thing can become a “god” thing. We are asking idols to do for us what only God can do. We crave things like comfort, control, glory, power, self-gratification, … Continue reading

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The Center of the Universe

Sermon: The Center of the Universe Delivered by: Pastor Doug – 4-13-14. Revelation 4-5 -Palm Sunday.   Sermon summary: Revelation symbols, seeing the big picture, worshiping Christ, centered on God, worship disorder, creating Sovereign, conquering Savior, the Gospel, the Lion, … Continue reading

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Investing in the Kingdom of God

I preached this message on April 28, 2013. Matt. 6:19-24.  –  31min. Summary of the sermon:  We all live for a treasure, that treasure controls your heart and your behavior. Money and materialism can blind us spiritually.  Stats on the … Continue reading

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