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Closing the Gap

By:  Rick Thomas Have you ever wondered how it is possible to believe the right things, but yet do the wrong things? It happens all the time–at least to me. I’m daily put in situations where I have the opportunity … Continue reading

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It’s All About Christ

The Gospel-centered life is all about deliverance from sin by Christ, development in Christ, and delighting in Christ. The goal of our Christian growth is getting to know Christ, becoming more like Christ, and being used by Christ.   But when … Continue reading

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What is True Freedom?

Freedom isn’t getting all that you want.  Eating four pieces of cake affects everyone!  Even the Rolling Stones know you can’t always get what you want.  Freedom is not being self-sufficient.  You can never be self-sufficient.  We are actually very … Continue reading

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Free to Love

By:  Pastor Douglas Graham If our relationships aren’t right, the reason isn’t a lack of love for each other, it’s a lack of love for God.  And conflicts reveal a bigger problem than anger and selfishness; it reveals a lack … Continue reading

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How Far Have We Fallen? And Is There Any Hope?

Here’s a brief picture of our country: A gunman massacres first graders in Newtown, Connecticut.   Every year over a million unborn babies are murdered in the US alone.  The number of suicides is on the rise.  And terrorism is still … Continue reading

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Better To, Than To

(These are a collection of tweets I made for the month of October). 1.  Better to be weak and relying on Jesus than to be strong and think I don’t need Him. 2.  Better to be sick and forgiven than … Continue reading

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