What rules your heart?


Many of us look over the fence every day at someone else and wish we were more like them because we think they’ve found life. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, and no matter your gender or age, you will tend to crave and desire whatever it is you think will give you life. Because we are made in God’s image we have a longing to search for life, but due to our fallen nature we search for it in all the wrong places.

Looking to people, stuff, and self to find life are miserable places to look for life. We will worship whatever it is we think will give us life, and when our idol of choice lets us down it leads to unfulfilled dreams, discontentment, and unhappiness. Those things were never meant to satisfy our soul.

We have lost our awe and wonder of the only One who deserves our worship and praise. The only One who can rescue us from a heart of fear, idolatry, and unbelief is Jesus.

We get our eyes off the only One who can transform our heart and transform our mind to have a more Christ-like mindset and a heart that truly loves God. This world and anything in it can never be your savior.

When we live for the approval of people or think life is found in materialism, or when we make life all about self, then we are actually worshipping creation instead of the Creator. We are replacing the One true God who gave us life, died for our sins, and rose from the dead, for a god that doesn’t exist and can never help us.

We say we love God and believe in God, yet functionally we live for lesser things and think those things will bring us joy and peace. The problem is our heart craves something else more than God.

But only being amazed at the glory of God, fearing the Lord, standing in reverent awe of who He is, and loving Him with all your heart will you ever be set free from a heart that is ruled by the selfish desires of the flesh.

Everybody is ruled by something. We all worship something. We were all made to worship. The question is, what is it that controls and rules your heart? Does God, or do you live for the approval of man, more stuff, or self-gratification?

We either live to love and worship God, or something else drives our life and rules our heart. If God rules your heart I doubt you are living in fear or discontentment. If anything else has taken God’s rightful place then it can only lead to unrest, fear, and confusion. Only God’s grace can set us free from this bondage.

Only God’s grace can change our selfish heart to a heart that lives for the honor and glory of God. Only God’s grace can give us eyes to see the incredible beauty of who God is, and help us to see that all we long for is found in Christ alone. True contentment is found in Him alone. He is enough!

Satisfaction is only found in Christ. Only Christ can fulfill the hunger in our heart for spiritual rest and true life.

Today, turn from having a fearful, self-centered, unbelieving heart. Turn to Christ and live! His mercy and grace is an invitation. Daily rest and rejoice in His love for you! There is grace for you. Humble yourself before the Lord.

Ask Him to grow you, mature you in the faith, and change your heart to look more and more like His every day! Ask Him to rule your heart.


About Pastor Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham started MadeToFish in 2007. MadeToFish is about "Growing and helping others grow in the Gospel." Doug is the Pastor of Cedarville Nazarene Church. Our church website is: MadeToFish.com
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