What is True Freedom?

Freedom Mel GibsonFreedom isn’t getting all that you want.  Eating four pieces of cake affects everyone!  Even the Rolling Stones know you can’t always get what you want.  Freedom is not being self-sufficient.  You can never be self-sufficient.  We are actually very needy people, knowing that is getting close to freedom.

Why do we struggle?  We struggle because we’re broken and we’re broken because of sin and sin isn’t freedom.  Sin is trying to be self-sufficient.  Romans 1:18 says, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

We struggle because we are sinners, and we struggle even more when we think we can rescue ourselves and deny the truth of God.  We cannot free ourselves of sin.  We need a Rescuer.  We need a Redeemer.  We are fooling ourselves if we think we can live self-sufficient lives.

God is the Creator and Sustainer of life.  All authority and all power is His.  Everything belongs to Him.  He owns everything.  He’s the King!  He is Lord!  He alone is worthy!  It’s all about Him.  It’s not about us.  Freedom is knowing that!  Freedom is not, “I’ll live my life, my way!”  No, freedom is submitting to His Lordship and living in His grace, for His glory!

Freedom is not the absence of pain, its knowing the presence of Christ who overcame death!  Freedom is the Gospel of God’s amazing grace setting us free from sin, free from condemnation, free from the power of Satan, and free from death.  Because Christ lives, we live!

Freedom is the Gospel, that Christ solved my biggest problem, that Christ did for me what I could never do for myself, that Christ lived the life I could never live, that Christ died for my sins, He died in my place, took my punishment, liberated me from sin, rose from the dead, transformed my heart and made it pure, adopted me as His child, and now I live to honor the King!  That’s freedom!

In His mercy He came to me, in His grace He rescued me, and in His love He set me free to love like Him and live for Him!  That’s freedom!

About Pastor Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham started MadeToFish in 2007. MadeToFish is about "Growing and helping others grow in the Gospel." Doug is the Pastor of Cedarville Nazarene Church. Our church website is: MadeToFish.com
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