Better To, Than To

(These are a collection of tweets I made for the month of October).

1.  Better to be weak and relying on Jesus than to be strong and think I don’t need Him.

2.  Better to be sick and forgiven than to be well and unforgiven.

3.  Better to preach the truth and risk rejection but they go to heaven, than to ignore the truth and enjoy acceptance but they go to hell.

4.  Better to rely on Jesus and have His righteousness, than to rely on myself and have self-righteousness.

5.  Better to rest and know Jesus is better, than to think I can make myself better.

6.  Better to know that Jesus is in control than for me to desire comfort.

7.  Better to rest and know Jesus is my Savior than to work and try to earn my salvation.

8.  Better to depend on Jesus who is bigger than to trust in my idols which are smaller.

9.  Better to have the fear of God than to have the fear of man.

10.  Better to ponder the amazing grace of God than to live as if you have something to prove to God.

11.  Better to have a heart like Christ than to set my eyes on worthless things.

12.  Better to live a life of worship than to live a life of worry.

13.  Better to forgive my neighbor and receive grace than to hold a grudge and receive regret.

14.  Better to be humble and repentant and see the grace of God than to be prideful and self-reliant and see the wrath of God.

15.  Better to find an everlasting satisfaction in God than to seek a never-ending dissatisfaction in the world.

16.  Better to acknowledge my sins and be free than to hide my sins and be afraid.

17.  Better to show mercy to others who don’t deserve it than to be angry and get what I deserve.

18.  Better to trust in Jesus’ performance to live than to trust in my performance to live.

19.  Better to love people more than to need people more.

20.  Better to advance the glory of God than to advance myself.

21.  Better to die to self and live for Christ than to live for self and have no life.

22.  Better to look up and out and be free than to look in and be enslaved.

23.  Better to believe in grace and know Jesus has done it than to believe in legalism and think I can do it.

24.  Better to be grieved over the soul condition of the unredeemed than to be focused on small stuff which can’t redeem.

25.  Better to be still and know that He is God than to be a fool and say there is no God.

26.  Better to trust in God who sets in place our Rulers than to trust in politicians who can’t keep the rules.

27.  Better to discipline my children and they know the ways of God than to ignore bad behavior and they are deceived by the ways of the fool.

28.  Better to save for that inevitable emergency than to spend more than I make and have a debt emergency.

29.  Better to bathe in the sweet aroma of the Gospel than to reek with the stench of pride.

30.  Better to know God is holy and I am not than to think I deserve the honor when He does.

31.  Better to know God loves me even when I don’t do better than to think He doesn’t love me now because I made a mistake.

32.  Better to think and act like Jesus Christ and be a real man than to think and act like James Bond and be a fantasy man.

33.  Better to be a godly leader and follow Christ’s example than to be a dictator and follow the world’s example.

34.  Better to obey motivated by God’s love and grace than to disobey motivated by selfish gain and fear.

35.  Better to live life by showing love toward others than to have the desires of the flesh rule my life.

36.  Better to look to the promises of God to quench my thirst for holiness than to look to the promises of sin to entice my lust for worthiness.

By: Pastor Douglas Graham, October 2012.



About Pastor Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham started MadeToFish in 2007. MadeToFish is about "Growing and helping others grow in the Gospel." Doug is the Pastor of Cedarville Nazarene Church. Our church website is:
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