How to read the Bible?

Practical points to help your Bible reading:


Read your Bible every day, even if it’s just a chapter a day.  It’s your spiritual food.  It’s not legalistic to say, “I have to read my Bible every day.”  Although reading the Bible is a good work, reading it doesn’t save us.  We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.


So, we are to read our Bible every day not to try to earn God’s favor, but to grow in our faith.  Without food we will die.  We need to eat every day to be healthy.  The same is true when it comes to reading our Bible every day.  We need our spiritual food every day in order to grow in our faith and relationship with the Lord.


Also, read the Bible with an earnest desire to understand it.  It’s better to understand it then to rush through reading your chapter for the day.  Good study Bibles will help us understand what we read.  I personally like the Life Application Study Bible, the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible, and the MacArthur Study Bible.  And my favorite Bible translations are the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) and the ESV (English Standard Version).


It’s important to understand the Bible because we need to know what God is like, what we are like, how we are to live for God, and how the Gospel relates to what we just read.  This is done by keeping Christ in view throughout the whole Bible.  On the road to Emmaus Jesus showed the disciples how most of the Old Testament points to Him.


Lastly, when we read our Bible we need to have a humble attitude, and a child-like faith asking the Lord to speak to us through His Word.  And it must be our intention to submit to His Word in obedience.  We need to know what God is trying to teach us.


When we read the Bible this way, God will transform us to be more like His Son and cause our faith in Him to grow.  It’s exciting to read the Bible.  It’s truly the source of truth and life!  -Pastor Doug

About Pastor Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham started MadeToFish in 2007. MadeToFish is about "Growing and helping others grow in the Gospel." Doug is the Pastor of Cedarville Nazarene Church. Our church website is:
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