Why is it so important to read the Bible?

Bible Reading Challenge

Commit to read your Bible every day!  The key to success is to commit to a plan you will enjoy and you know you can do.  For example, commit to read at least one chapter every day.  We can do this because we’re all committed to eating food every day, so how much more important is it to read God’s Word every day?


Imagine going without food for a whole week or month?  It takes less time to read one chapter than it does to eat a meal.  There is no way you will grow spiritually and mature to be more Christ-like without being a reader of God’s Word.  Even if you’re not a disciplined reader there are many ways to learn God’s Word.


The Bible is the most accessible book in the world.  It’s on CD’s, DVD’s, the internet, iPhones, and many more, but just picking up your Bible is still the best way to draw closer to God!  There are even study Bibles and great translations like the HCSB, ESV, and the NKJV that help us understand God’s Word better!


There’s no excuse for a Christian to go without reading their Bible!  A Christian who doesn’t read their Bible will be weak, immature, and prone to sin.  The Bible will keep you from sin and sin will keep you from the Bible!


Strive to get in a habit of reading God’s Word every day.  If you will read the Bible, (at least one chapter a day for 60 to 90 days) you will form a habit of reading the Bible that will become a hard habit to break!  Strive for daily consistency.  Strive to make your daily reading a priority, if not, Satan will be more than happy that you allowed other things rob you from your time with the Lord.  He is more than happy to keep you away from the source of power, wisdom, encouragement, and Life!


Again, imagine going without food for a week or a month, or imagine a Navy Seal going into battle with any weapons or armor.  Imagine going to work without the tools and resources you must have to do your job.  As a Christian, you face a spiritual battle every day, so every day you will need divine wisdom and strength to live a life that honors your Savior.


God’s grace and His Word is more than enough to meet our needs and guide us in our daily decisions.  It’s foolish to go through life trusting in our limited human resources rather than God’s Word which is inexhaustible and perfect.  Our God can do great things, and it’s through studying His Word that our faith grows and we become more like Jesus!


Also, strive to pray about what you read for that day.  Praying about what you just read is a great way to help you apply what you are learning.  Get a good study Bible like the Life Application Study Bible, or the John MacArthur Study Bible, or the HCSB Study Bible.  Those are great study Bibles that will help you apply and understand every verse you read!


Lastly, come to church to get your free Bible reading plan, or Google “Bible Reading Plans.”  God’s Word can transform our lives if we will only read it, study it, believe it, and obey it!  Warning!!!!  The deeper you dig into God’s Word the BIGGER God becomes in your life, and the more you’ll grow in His amazing grace!


About Pastor Douglas Graham

Dr. Douglas Graham started MadeToFish in 2007. MadeToFish is about "Growing and helping others grow in the Gospel." Doug is the Pastor of Cedarville Nazarene Church. Our church website is: MadeToFish.com
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